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Best Selection in Kingston

Coffee Trends offers hundreds of varieties of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino. You can buy them by the box or mix and match! No need to settle for grocery store prices and commit to an entire box of the same flavour.


Unique Shopping Cart

We have these handy paddles you can use to select your K-Cups while you browse and shop. Little ones love to be in charge of carrying the paddle!


More than K-Cups

Coffee Trends is thrilled to announce the addition of Mile and a Quarter Ice Cream! Flavoured soft-serve that tastes amazing! We have 55 flavours of soft serve and 18 different Belgian dips that we can dip your cone in. Dairy free and no sugar added options also available! 

We also have milk shakes, sundaes, bubble tea, hurricanes and scoop ice cream...a full dairy bar located right inside Coffee Trends!

Visit our Mile and a Quarter Ice Cream website or find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.